Telecom companies are turning to wind energy to power their base stations when grid access is unavailable, thereby achieving connectivity for communities around the world.


Remote and off-grid communities are cutting their dependence on volatile diesel prices and high maintenance generators. Wind power is paving the way to a bright and clean energy future for these applications.


Schools across North America are embracing sustainability initiatives that also provide learning opportunities for students–while lowering their utility bills!


Seeking ways to go green and power their businesses more efficiently, business owners are adopting wind energy as a high profile statement about their commitment to clean energy.

Agricultural Business

Farmers have been harvesting the wind to power their ag business for generations. With access to land, high energy loads, and available incentives, wind power is an ideal clean energy solution.


Homeowners are increasingly reaping the benefits of wind energy in their back yards. Learn how you too can eliminate or reduce your utility bill.