Public Sector Wind Systems offer tax payers a smart choice for cutting costs and embracing clean technologies.
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Uninterrupted Power Solutions ‌

XZERES wind energy systems are ideal for uninterrupted power solutions. Used in conjunction with diesel generators to power battery banks for high-availability systems, XZERES wind energy systems can save on fuel costs and lower emissions.

Remote Locations

XZERES wind energy systems can be deployed in remote locations and can be used in conjunction with solar power to offer cost effective mission critical systems.


As a part of renewable technology demonstration parks, XZERES Wind Energy systems offer web enabled telematics that can provide remote learning opportunities.

Public Schools

Installed in public schools, XZERES wind energy solutions offer cost savings and sustainable technology education. Installing a wind energy system in a school environment not only off sets energy consumption but also allows students the chance to learn. Students can learn about renewable energy first hand with a system located on site.
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