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California Wind Energy Cash Rebate Set to Pay $27,510 for XZERES ARE442 10kW

The California Energy Commission(CEC) has approved the XZERES ARE442 to receive the Emerging Renewables Program rebate worth $27, 510. The incentive for the first 10 kilowatts of small wind incentives will remain $3.00 per Watt until May, 2012. At this time, the rebate will decline to $2.50 per Watt for the first 10kW and $1.50 per Watt for >10kW up to 20kW. Rebates will be paid on a first come, first serve basis. With pending CEC rebate cuts, there is no better time to invest in wind energy.

California + Federal Tax Incentives = 50% of Installed Cost

An XZERES Turbine installed cost combined with the Federal 1603 tax credit can pay for 50% of an installed XZERES turbine. Qualifying agriculture applicants can also take advantage of the USDA cash grant. After incentives, XZERES wind systems can pay off in under 10 years.

All XZERES ARE442 wind turbine installations can apply for CEC tax incentives. CEC and incentives are worth $3.00 per Watt for the first 9.17kW for the XZERES ARE442. Two XZERES ARE442 turbines can receive an additional $12,510 for a total of $42,510.

  • • XZERES ARE442 (1 turbine) $27,510 CEC

  • • XZERES ARE442 (2 turbines) $42,510 CEC

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    Rotor Diameter 7.2 m

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