Creating Energy Independence
Out of Thin Air



Our 3 turbine portfolio—XZERES Skystream 2.4, XZERES 10 and XZERES 50 —provide the right sized wind power solutions for our customers who are looking for clean and affordable energy for their home, farm, business or community. Take control of your energy needs with XZERES turbines, the personal wind turbine that converts wind into clean, low-cost electricity for your home or business. Our innovative technology provide you with the power to lower your energy bills, decrease your CO2 emissions and become more energy independent – all from your backyard or parking lot.



Energy Trust of OregonXZERES Skystream 2.4

With thousands of successful Skystream installations on all 7 continents in both on and off grid applications, this compact, user friendly, and fully integrated wind turbine is the top choice for residences, schools, businesses and telecom applications. You’ll be enjoying all the benefits of wind energy in no time.

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Energy Trust of OregonXZERES 10

Our customers want assurance that their turbine will spin when the wind is blowing, and the XZERES 10 is the reliable, low maintenance option for homes, farms, schools or businesses. By focusing on performance and reliability, our 10kW turbine produces the lowest lifetime cost of energy—resulting in a great return on investment. .

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Energy Trust of OregonXZERES 50

XZERES 50 is built on the same innovative gearless architecture that is at the heart of all of our turbine designs. The permanent magnet direct drive technology minimizes moving parts and ensures reliable and optimal performance for your application of choice. The low height profile, sleek design and quiet operation make it a good neighbor in a variety of landscapes.

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