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Skystream 3.7 Manuals

Missing or need another copy of a manual? Download them here:

Skystream 3.7 Owner ’s Manual – North America & Europe
Skystream 3.7 Standard Limited Warranty
Skystream 3.7 Sectional Monopole Tower & Foundation Manual
Skystream 3.7 Guyed Tower Manual – 42 ft.
Skystream 3.7 Guyed Tower Manual – 70 ft.
Skyview Instruction Manual
Skystream 3.7 DG Prospector Manual
Skystream 3.7 CD Contents

Skystream Software

Skyview 2.0

Having troubles with your Skyview software? Download the most up-to-date version here:

Skyview 2.0

ZigBee Configurations

If you have a ZigBee-equipped Skystream wind generator that is not configured for the type of grid it is connected to, you may need to use the Grid Configuration utility to detect and correct the grid type. For example, a 120/240 split-phase Skystream connected to a 208 three-phase grid.

The automated Grid Configuration Utility works for standard grid types and compatible Skystream versions. If you think you may need this utility or have any questions, please contact us at the following:

XZERES Service Team
Toll Free: 1-877-404-9438 (option 4)
Direct: 503-388-7340