Oregon Wind Energy

Energy Trust of OregonXZERES Small Wind Turbines, and Energy Trust of Oregon, helping small business and farms assess their wind energy.

Pacific and PGE Utility customers with annual wind speeds above 9 mph qualify for Energy Trust’s cash incentive. This incentive pays $5.00 per estimated kWh of energy production from an XZERES small wind turbine, up to 9,500 kWh per year. $47,500 will be paid for the first 9,500 kWh per year, then the incentive pays $1.75 for each kWh over 9,500 kWh.

For example, an XZERES wind turbine will produce over 10,000 kWh annually in areas with an annual wind speed of 10mph. Energy Trust’s incentive for this example would be $47,500 ($5 x 9,500) plus an additional $875($1.75 x 500). The total incentive would be $48,375 ($47,500 + $875). With available Federal tax incentives for small wind turbines, Pacific and PGE customers in Oregon will receive incentives worth 90% of the installed price of an XZERES 442SR 10kW wind system.

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