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Designed to Meet Global Certifications
CE marked, our XZERES Wind turbine systems are designed to meet global certifications. Our XZERES 442SR-M turbines are compliant with marine industry standards including MCS/ IEC 61400-2 Compliant Class – 2 Design. All system finishes are ISO 12944 C5M, the controller enclosure is corrosion resistance and compliant with Nema 3X. The alternator winding insulation system, MIL M 17060E (SH) uses MIL I 2492/8 epoxy insulating resin.



Exceptional Product Quality

small wind turbine components Our small wind turbines are made of the best material in the USA.

• High Quality Stainless Steel Stator Back Plate
• Stainless Steel Rotor Shaft
• Lamination Designed for Low Breakaway Torque & Low Core Loss
• Permanent Magnets – Uses high end rare earth materials used for state of the art generators/alternator



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Attention to Detail

small wind turbine inverters

All wind turbine components go through a rigorous inspection process. Final packing is verified for contents & accuracy.

Weathered for 20 year service life

small wind turbine cowlings

• Standard System Corrosion Resistant
• Marine Version Suitable for Costal Applications
• Best Warranty in the Industry

XZERES All Weather Controllers

small wind turbine controller
• High Quality, Corrosion Resistant Encloser
• Robust Electronics for Heavy Duty Reliability
• State of the Art Controller Software for Performance Optimization
• Advanced Telematics for Remote Monitoring

Superior Alternator Quality

small wind turbine alternator

Strict inspection is performed on all alternators upon arrival from our suppliers for quality assurance. Each alternator is individually re-tested to check voltages, air gap and startup torque. Assembled with Class H insulation and Epoxy coated magnets, XZERES alternators are of superior quality.

XZERES Blades – Made to Last

small wind turbine blades
Our composite blades are made to last in any climate condition. Each are inspected for quality assurance then re-inspected upon arrival at XZERES.

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