XZERES Wind can provide a wide range of tower designs and sizes to suit the needs of every wind turbine site. From unique configurations and accessories, to large volume orders, XZERES Wind has the engineering team and experience to provide the best turbine tower solution for your application.

All XZERES Wind turbine towers provided come with a standard five-year warranty. Safety climb systems and fall arrestors are also included with every climbable tower we sell. XZERES Wind can also provide grounding kits, working platforms, stub tower extensions, and other customizations as requested.


Monopole Turbine Tower

Monopole wind turbine towers are often the first choice for most clients usually for their aesthetic value, small footprint, and ease of installation.

XZERES Wind can help you with your entire tower and foundation engineering needs. XZERES Wind is committed to every wind turbine sale, from the time of your initial inquiry to technical support, years after your installation. We have a dedicated team to provide you with customer service and support in design, logistics, and project management. Because there are numerous variations in tower options, systems design, and engineering requirements we encourage you to contact us directly so that we can provide you with the lowest cost, highest quality solution for your towers and foundations.

Self Supporting Lattice‌ Turbine Tower

Self-supporting lattice towers (SSL) are tapered, three-legged structures. The towers footprint will vary depending on tower height and size of turbine. XZERES Wind can design service cranes that can be mounted on the tower, complete with a winch can be used to raise and lower the turbine on and off the tower without the need for a crane.

Motorized Tilt-up Turbine Tower

Motorized Tilt-up Towers have all the aesthetic of a Monopole plus the convenience of raising and lowering when needed. Motorized Tilt-up Towers self-raising system uses a small motor to raise and lower the tower, the tower can also be operated with a hand crank. Perfect for coastal or severe weather locations.

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    We are excited to announce the recent acquisition of XZERES Corp. by Ravago. Ravago is..