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XZERES 50 Wind Turbine

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Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the XZERES 50 is built on the same innovative, gearless architecture that is at the heart of each XZERES turbine. This technology ensures optimal, reliable performance for your application of choice.

From the drawing board to the assembly line, the XZERES 50 is designed, engineered and manufactured and competitively priced to be an easy fit for your micro-grid and island electrification applications, farms, schools, business sites or investment funds’ renewable energy projects. By focusing on performance and reliability, the XZERES 50 produces a low lifetime cost of energy – generating a significant return on investment.

Innovative Technology

The XZERES 50 uses permanent magnet generators as the cornerstone of their design. This technology eliminates the need for a gear box and allows our turbines to produce more power at lower speeds. Our proprietary direct drive system ensures power is not wasted in the friction that usually results from moving parts. Together, these technologies join forces to deliver clean, quiet and reliable energy with minimal maintenance and repairs.

Turbine Diagnostics


Turbine health is important for efficient energy production. For heightened productivity, a required remote, web-based monitoring system allows XZERES to remotely access real-time data and perform online service operations to reduce downtime. This monitoring provides you and our technicians detailed information about the operation of your turbine so issues can be identified before they become a costly problem.

Built to Last

Our innovative technologies not only improve the performance of our turbines but also drastically improve their reliability and safety while minimizing maintenance and repairs.

Built to last, XZERES turbines go through a rigorous inspection process. The XZERES 50 is designed to meet IEC 61400-2 global specifications. Strict inspections are performed on all parts and each turbine is fully tested to ensure superior quality. A five-year warranty comes standard with every XZERES turbine to cover manufacturing defects and workmanship.


  • Rated Power: 51kW @ 24.60 mph (11.0 m/s)
  • Max Power: 55kW
  • Annual Energy Production: 191,000kW @ 15.6 mph
    (7 m/s)
  • Type: Upwind/ 3 Blades
  • Rotor Diameter: 54.1 ft. (16.5 m)
  • Tower-Top Weight: 12,255 lbs (5,558 kg)
  • Swept Area: 2301.32 ft² (213.8 m²)
  • Body/Nacelle: Fiberglass/Resin
  • Permanent Magnet/Direct Drive
  • Five (5) Braking Systems for Safety
  • Active Yaw with Ultra Sonic Wind Sensor
  • UL 508A Certified Electric Panels
  • Air Conditioned Main Electrical/Control Panel
  • IEC 61400-2 Small Turbine Class: Class IIa
  • Design Life: 20 Years+
  • Output Interface
    • Single Phase
      • Grid Support: 230VAC (1) (Split)
    • Three Phase
      • Grid Support: 480VAC (3)
    • 60Hz or 50Hz/ (1), (3) or (Split)
  • Warranty: Standard 5-Year, Limited Warranty Available
  • 4-8 year payback based upon wind speed and conditions at site
  • Delivers significant energy cost savings while reducing carbon footprint
  • Produces a low lifetime cost of energy and generates a significant return on investment by focusing on performance and reliability
  • Designed, engineered, manufactured and priced to be an easy fit for micro-grid and island electrification applications, farms, schools, business sites or investment fund renewable energy projects
  • Permanent magnet/direct drive technology reduces the number of moving parts resulting in less wear and tear, less maintenance and quiet operation
  • Boasts a 20+ year design life expectancy
  • Meets IEC 61400-2, IEC 61400-12 and IEC 61400-11 global specifications
  • Web-based monitoring system allows XZERES technicians to remotely access real-time performance data and perform online service operations to reduce downtime