SkyStream 3.7

Rated Power : 2.1-2.4 kW @ 25 mph (11 m/s)

Applications : Residential, Small Business, Telecom, Schools, Commercial, Agricultural

The first compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive wind generator designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds.Designed for homes and small businesses, the
XZERES Skystream 3.7 converts wind into clean
electricity you can use.



Rated Power : 10.4kW @ 25 mph (11 m/s)

Applications : Microgrid, Schools, Agricultural, Commercial

The XZERES 442SR is an efficient machine, built to quietly last. The turbine is designed to generate low cost power through efficiency, reliability and longevity.A simple design limits moving parts to reduce service and maintenance costs, as well as allow for easy installations.



Rated Power :51kW @ 25 mph (11.0 m/s) 

Applications : Agricultural, Commercial

XZERES 50 is built on the same innovative gear-less architecture that is at the heart of all of our turbine designs. The permanent magnet direct drive technology minimizes moving parts and ensures reliable and optimal performance for your application of choice. The low height profile, sleek design, and quiet operation make it a good neighbor in a variety of landscapes.




Best In Small Wind

XZERES engineers, manufactures and distributes small wind turbines into the growing renewable energy marketplace.Our systems are designed and configured for optimized performance, ensured safety and trouble-free operation.

Our Skystream 3.7, XZERES 442SR and XZERES 50 state of the art certified turbines power remote communities, telecom towers, farms, schools, business parks, and residences across the globe.

Our three turbine products- Skystream 3.7, XZERES 442SR, and  XZERES 50—provide the right sized wind power solutions for our customers who are looking for clean and affordable energy for their home, business or community or for our telecom tower partners striving to expand connectivity in the developing world

What’s more, our turbines are built using permanent magnet direct-drive technology—a gear-less design—resulting in less moving parts and greater reliability.

We Make the Best Certified Turbines on the Market, Find Out why Certification Matters: 

Why it Matters














When it comes to towers, taller is most desirable because winds are stronger at higher altitudes, thereby producing more power for each installed turbine. XZERES provides a wide range of tower designs and sizes to maximize energy production for a landowner’s site. XZERES can provide grounding kits, working platforms, stub tower extensions and other customization’s as requested. All towers come with a standard 10 year warranty.

*Warranty subject to change




Monopole Towers are often the ideal choice for XZERES small wind turbines. Monopole are the easiest to install and take up minimal room on your property with their small footprint.


Self Supporting Lattice (SSL) Towers are a great value for desired heights of 80′ and above. SSL towers are tapered, three-legged structures that use less steel than monopole towers but leave an increased footprint


Hydraulic Tilt-Up towers have all the aesthetics of a monopole tower without the need for a crane which provides the convenience of lowering and raising a tower on demand—an ideal option for coastal or severe weather locations.