Whatever your application, XZERES’ portfolio of small wind turbine options provide the fitting solution. Generating clean, reliable and cost effective energy is now easier than ever, all while putting money back in your wallet! Whether you are looking for a small XZERES  Skystream® 3.7  for your home, an  XZERES 442SR  turbine for your school campus, or an  XZERES 50  turbine for your farm operation, XZERES wind solutions will exceed your expectations! Continue exploring the diverse range of small wind markets and learn about XZERES’ successful projects in each application throughout the globe!.


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Wind Power Solutions to Telecom Energy Challenges!

  • Grid dependence can be lessened or eliminated
  • Long term energy price stability & Maintenance costs dramatically reduced
  • Immediate positive impact on emissions and noise pollution
  • Qualify for clean energy subsidies while helping governments meet renewable energy requirements

Skystream  Ideal For Telecom!



Achieving Connectivity Around the Globe

The XZERES Skystream® has been the turbine of choice for telecom companies delivering broadband services into developing regions. From Chile to India, the Skystream® has been integrated smoothly atop of telecom and broadcast towers, making ideal use of existing tower infrastructure. The Skystream® has a profile that is very well matched to meet telecom loads without experiencing negative tower interaction and the turbine’s placement does not displace any antenna or revenue bearing equipment space on the tower. In addition, the Skystream® proprietary material handling system eliminates the need for a crane, resulting in lower installation and service costs.

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 Skystream & 442SR Turbines are the Ideal Solutions!

  • Flexible architecture that allows them to be configured for battery charging or grid connect application
  • Intelligent controls which adapt well to changing climates
  •  Robust monitoring capabilities, resulting in a more reliable wind turbine for remote locations.

“The hybrid system will save approximately 120,000 liters of diesel in the three pilot study islands and a corresponding reduction of 200 tons of CO2 per year”



Paving the Way to a Bright and Clean Energy Future for Remote Communities

In the past, microgrids or off-grid power was seen as the option of last resort for remote communities from the Arctic to the South Pacific, who were seeking village electrification when utility power was unavailable. These micro grids were heavily dependent on high maintenance diesel generators which proved costly due to volatile gas prices. By integrating renewable assets such as wind these communities can now secure affordable and reliable power for critical infrastructure needs, as well as for their homes.

As advancements in renewable energy and energy storage technologies develop, the microgrid solution is evolving into a more desirable option for any site seeking energy independence—whether it is the private island owner in the Carribean, a retirement community in the Southwest desert or a business campus looking to generate its own power.

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 442SR & 50 Turbines are the Ideal Solution for your Farm!

“Our  XZERES 442SR  and  XZERES 50  machines are designed to be as reliable, hardworking and resourceful as the farmers who use them. Their permanent magnet, direct-drive technology creates a low maintenance turbine with quiet operation and outstanding energy output making them a great investment for your agricultural business”



Harvesting the Wind to Power Agriculture Business for Generations

Farms have been harvesting wind power for generations. With access to land, high energy loads, and available incentives, wind power is an ideal clean energy solution to power your hog or soybean farm or in specific markets, generate electricity to sell back to the utility. As farmers strive for profitability in the face of rising energy prices and volatile weather trends, our wind turbines can buffer farm operations from escalating costs while promoting environmental stewardship and energy independence.

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 Skystream is the Ideal Solution for Your Business!

“Gas station owners look at electric bills as a fixed cost that you can’t do anything about. But you can. You just have to be proactive about it.” – David Hallum of Hallum Inc 

Owner of five Chevrons successfully cut ‘fixed’ overhead costs by implementing the Skystream at each location.



Seeking Ways to go Green and Power Their Businesses More Efficiently, Business Owners are Adopting Wind Energy as a High Profile Statement About Their Commitment to Clean Energy

Business are always looking for ways to cut costs and with rising energy rates, more businesses are turning to renewables as a way to power their business and decrease their carbon footprint in a visible manner. From gas stations to restaurants to resorts, businesses are embracing our turbines for their ease of installation, high power output, reliability and community scale profile—quiet and understated

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 Skystream is Creating a Green Learning Environment Throughout North America and Europe



The Skystream® 3.7 was involved with the US Department of Energy’s “Wind for Schools” program that ran from 2005 to 2013, as the turbine of choice for educational wind installations. The Skystream® team also collaborated on the development of science curriculum for participating schools. Hundreds of schools have embraced the benefits of wind power on campuses in North America and Europe. 



 Embracing Sustainability Initiatives that Also Provide Learning Opportunities for Students–While Lowering Their Utility Bills

Educational campuses are embracing sustainability initiatives that provide learning opportunities for students while lowering their utility bills. A campus wind turbine makes a strong statement about a community’s commitment to the future, its children and the environment but wind also makes economic sense. The initial cost of the turbine is recovered over time in reduced electric bills. The amount that can be saved depends on the wind resource and the price the school can get for any additional electricity that it produces. What’s more, is that the lessons of renewable energy technology get brought into the classroom whether it is by analyzing the energy production data points or by learning about the machines themselves.


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 Skystream & 442SR Turbines are the Ideal Solutions to Create Your Own Energy Independence!

  • Due to the compact size of the Skystream®, it suits more densely populated residential areas
  • We recommend the XZERES 442SR for properties that are a minimum of 2 acres in size

A perfect fit in terms of size and technology—XZERES turbine’s sleek profile, small footprint, and quiet operation make it a pristine neighbor in any residential setting.



Homeowners are Reaping the Benefits of Wind Power in Their Backyards. Learn How You Too Can Eliminate or Reduce Your Utility Bill

A growing number of homeowners are no longer satisfied with simply using grid powered energy to electrify their homes. Energy consumers want choices—whether it is to use renewables, find ways to cut costs, or both. Residential wind power is more accessible than commonly believed; the  XZERES Skystream®  and  XZERES 442SR  turbines provide the most desirable options to power your home.

 The turbine has the capacity to offset a significant portion of a household’s energy needs and provide a quick payback. It delivers AC power that is clean, regulated and ready to power yours loads and draw extra power from the utility if needed. Any excess energy produced can be exported back to the utility and in many cases, qualify to receive a credit from the utility. 

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