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Renewable energy is increasingly becoming an attractive option for home and business owners and therefore communities are adopting more streamlined and efficient planning and permitting guidelines for future wind turbine projects.

When it comes to planning and permitting for your small wind project there are many factors to consider. In some states and provinces, local governments have created region wide permitting regulations for wind turbine projects. In other cases, local authority has been preserved and regulations will vary from one community to the next. Therefore, our expansive network of installers are the best resource to navigate the wind planning process in your specific community.




XZERES is committed to providing world class service to all of our installers and turbine owners. We offer a variety of tools, resources, and assistance to ensure the performance and reliability of our wind turbines.

Our qualified service technicians are committed to keeping your turbine running and generating energy for years to come.Contactus today with any questions about your system or click below to fill out a Service Request for your XZERES equipment

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XZERES requires installers to have hands-on experience installing residential and small business wind generators. All XZERES installers are licensed and bonded contractors with experience in contemporary building practices.