• 20 year design life
  • 10 year warranty
  • Remote web based monitoring system
  • Built to IEC 61400-2 standards for Global applications
  • Five (5) braking systems for safety
  • Lightning protection per IEC 61400-24 standard
  • Gearless design
  • Engineered & Manufactured in the USA








Simple By Design

XZERES 50 is built on the same innovative gearless architecture that is at the heart of all of our turbine designs. The permanent magnet direct drive technology minimizes moving parts and ensures reliable and optimal performance for your application of choice. The low height profile, sleek design, and quiet operation make it a good neighbor in a variety of landscapes. 



The team at XZERES is focused on small scale wind and therefore, understands the needs and demands of the customers who purchase our turbines. From the drawing board to the assembly line, our turbine systems are designed, engineered, manufactured and priced to be an easy fit for farmers, schools, business owners and you.



“The two turbines we purchased worked as stated with no surprises.
We were very pleased with the quality of the equipment.”

– John Service, Purchased two 50 KW for his cattle farm along the Irish Coast

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